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Hmmm…Condi said to try and be diplomatic.  Everyone likes to laugh, right?  Oh wait, are they laughing with me or at me?

(AFP/DDP/Johannes Eisele)


Mom made shake and bake.  And I helped!

(Jim Bourg/Reuters)

[For some hilarious video of Bush and the Pig!, take a peek at this clip from Crooks and Liars.  Oh. My.]


Look Ma, one hand!  Have I mentioned that I have not yet spoken to the Prime Minister of Israel, but that I can make time to ride my bike here in Russia?  It’s all about that time management thing-y that Pickles harps on me about alla time.  Wish you were here!  Love, Bushie. 

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)


Mem-rees…light the corners…of my mind…misty, water collllllered mem…rees…of the way we were.  Scattered pic….tures….of the smiles we left behind…

(Grigory Dukor/Reuters)


 "We certainly would not want to have the same kind of democracy that they have in Iraq, quite honestly."  Putin to Bush, 7/15/06

(Jason Reed/Reuters)

Let’s just say that the United States is no longer the revered, honest broker for Middle East peace that it once may have been.  And Putin, President of Russia, whose abysmal record has been on our human rights radar for years, felt free to embarass the President of the United States to his face by calling him out on the mess that is Iraq, right in front of all the cameras and reporters.  And Bush’s comeback, "Just wait." 

Wow, good one.  Zing.

The President of the United States was publicly humilated by the President of Russia for failures in Iraq, and the best he could do was "just wait."  I’m embarassed for him.  And for the rest of us, for having a President so weak that other world leaders call him out to his face in front of reporters for sucking at his job.  Shameful.  Apalling.  George Bush.

The Middle East and other hot spots around the world are flaring up and worse, we have no long-term foreign policy strategy other than "do as the President says, and no one gets hurt," and George Bush is clowning his way through what passes for diplomacy in his Administration — and the United States has lost all semblance of moral high ground and intelligent, well-thought-through diplomacy as a means of resolving intricate conflicts because our own actions do not come close to matching our cowboy rhetoric.  And no one, and I mean no one, has any faith that we will have a viable plan for any crisis issue and then actually follow through with it.  Gee, wonder why? 

Any questions?  Had enough?

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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