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Lots of goodies came in the mailbag while I was away…some items for you (I am still going through a lot of it):

* Anyone interested in some rabble rousing against a homobigot running for office? If you’re in DC, here’s a great opportunity to demonstrate outside of a reception for the unhinged Michele Bachmann, who has benefited from Darth’s and Turdblossom’s cash-raising efforts (h/t Eva):

Bachmann on homos: “It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say this is gay. It’s anything but gay.” Image: Michele Bachmann Fun Page.

July 20, 2006
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Please Join Senator Norm Coleman, The Honorable Gil Gutknecht, The Honorable Mark Kennedy, The Honorable John Kline, and The Honorable Jim Ramstad at a reception for State Senator Michele Bachmann (Candidate for MN-06 Kennedy open seat)
Capitol Hill Club: 300 First St., SE Washington, DC
$5,000 Steering Committee-Raise or Contribute/$2,500 Host and $1,000 PAC/$500 Personal

* Check out this parody site: Connecticut For Lieberman!

* What is wrong with Ohio? Or rather, why do Ohioans only have these choices for governor. It’s sad. (H/t Holly):

Ohioans have never heard so much about God and faith from their candidates for governor.

Republican Ken Blackwell has been seen often at campaign events toting the Bible under his arm, he delivers Sunday morning sermons at evangelical mega-churches and counts Ohio’s most high-profile pastors of the “religious right” among his closest friends.

Democrat Ted Strickland reminds voters often that he is an ordained United Methodist minister, tells the listeners of Christian radio stations he will be guided by “biblical principles” as governor, and points to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as the best guide for making public policy.

* Alert to Blenders out in the LA area: one of our favorite straight allies, Virginia Delegate David Englin, is going to be appearing at a grassroots fundraiser in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 27. With a marriage amendment coming up in the fall election in Virginia, David is devoting his Team Englin “Vote Strong” grassroots army to get the word out to defeat it at the polls. Read David’s speech that shows lazy, scared Dems how to support gay rights, as well as my exclusive interview with him.

* In contrast to David Englin, look at this turdKentucky State Sen. Richard Roeding. (H/t Jimmy L).

A day after calling gays “the wrong kind of people,” State Sen. Richard “Dick” Roeding continued his verbal barrage on homosexuals, calling a Republican group that advocates gay and lesbian rights “a bunch of queers.”

After learning that the Kentucky Log Cabin Republicans had called for Roeding’s resignation, the Lakeside Park Republican used the derogatory term to describe the group in an interview with The Post. The Log Cabin Republicans called for Roeding’s resignation after he said that the University of Louisville was wrong to offer health benefits to gay and lesbian domestic partners as a way to make the university competitive and attract talent.

I don’t want to entice any of these people into our state,” Roeding told the Louisville Courier-Journal in a story published Friday. “Those are the wrong kind of people.”

* Kathy at Birmingham Blues has a nice post up about our visit with her on Saturday. Thanks for the kind words about the situation in Lebanon with Kate’s family.

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