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Question of the day – air hell

What was your worst-ever experience on a flight?

Doesn’t matter if it’s nature related (storms), passenger related (the five-year-old kicking your seat the whole flight) or airline service related.

Today’s flight home wasn’t too eventful, btw. It takes two flights to get to RDU from Birmingham (change planes in Charlotte). The second flight was notable for the lack of air conditioning. US Airways, you receive the suck-*ss award for putting a jackhole plane like that into service today.

Thank god that leg of the flight was only about 30 minutes; I should have known something was up when we got on the plane and it was positively steamy and all the window shades were pulled down. Oh, and this plane was o-l-d. No wonder the sh*tty AC was inadequate.

Just before we take off there is an announcement that it’s “a little warm in here” and that once we’re airborne, it will “get a little better” if we make sure all the air vents are wide open. Well crap, it should be a bit cooler at 29,000 feet. All I could feel was lukewarm air pumping into the cabin. Once all the bodies were in place it was a sauna. Once we landed at RDU, the flight attendant (poor guy) instructed all of us in window seats to shut the shades because it was going to load up with another full flight of victims passengers.

Remember how I said it was hot as hell in Alabama? When I stepped out at RDU the wall of heat almost knocked me down. I thought I was going to pass out waiting at the bus stop for the shuttle to take passengers to the remote parking lot.


Sorry for the lack of LGBT-related news posts; I’ve got to unpack, read a ton of email and do some actual day job homework this evening, I probably won’t have more fresh Blend up for a bit.

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