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In the B'ham airport

On the way home…there is free wireless here, so I’m on for a few minutes. Had a great time here, seeing my new niece (Kate’s sis had a baby just a few weeks ago), though it was quite stressful watching all the goings-on in Lebanon. I step away from the TV only to return and see things have deteriorated more.

Here is a story in the Birmingham News that describes what’s happening to locals caught up over there.

It’s interesting that on CNN this AM they were focusing on this mother in Des Moines, IA whose daughter (another Missing Blonde BeautyTM) is in the mountains somewhere in Lebanon, having escaped Beirut with the family she was staying with. They have had no contact (no cell service) with her for some time. This was yet another example of trying to get Americans to identify with someone who looks more “American” than, say, you know, browner people who are also U.S. citizens over dealing with exactly the same circumstances. How sorry is this? Argh. I won’t keep ranting…

If folks have info on what the U.S. government is/isn’t doing, post in the comments. I don’t have much faith that they’ll get folks out before Israel completely obliterates the remaining Lebanon infrastructure. This whole regional situation seems so hopeless and ridiculous, and always it’s the poor people in all of these countries, trying to live day to day, who pay the price for this.


To lighten the mood, why not watch “hot military stud” Jeff Gannon “perform” for the Log Cabin Republicans (NY chapter), last Thursday. His attempts at humor were snooze-inducing. (H/t Towelroad).


Also, Kate and I met up with Kathy of Birmingham Blues yesterday at Joe Muggs in The Summit for a couple of hours and did a ton of political gabbing. Did you know there is a move to draft dumb as a rock Jeff Sessions to run for president in 2008? Kathy filled me in on that bit of insanity. Jeebus. Kathy’s post is here. We also laughed at Larry (stop the “Judeo-Marxists”/Holocaust denier/ex-athiest/pro white-supremacist) Darby, who sadly garnered over 40% of the vote in the AL Dem primary for AG.

UPDATE: Kathy’s post on our visit is up now.

Oops…gotta catch the plane…

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