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Your Daily Ned: Late Edition

Matt Stoller’s been combing through Holy Joe’s big dollar donor base.  It includes 73 CEO’s who find Lieberman’s brand of politics extremely appealing, including the CEO of Choicepoint.  Good luck trying to convince the Little People of Connecticut that it’s them you’re representing, Joe.

Holy Jeebus, that is just an buttload of money Lieberman is rolling around in.  No wonder he wouldn’t agree to Ned’s offer of spending caps.  As Kos notes, remind us all again who’s trying to buy the election?

.  Holy Joe party loyalty video "Anything Joes" (above) via Spazeboy.

. The LA Times gets a letter:

I feel I have a special obligation to respond to your July 6 editorial, "Lieberman’s run." I am a liberal activist. I was also Lieberman’s roommate at Yale.

Lieberman is a good and decent man personally, but he has also become a cheerleader for George Bush’s bloody, arrogant and disastrous war on Iraq.

As a friend, I wish for him the best. As a Democratic voter, if I lived in Connecticut, I would be voting for Ned Lamont.

Playa del Rey

All part of Lowell Weicker’s fiendish plot, no doubt. 

.  Lieberman on Imus (via MLN):

The real point and the question now is what do we do to get out? And I think the sooner we get out of there the better for us and the Iraqis, but if we get out too soon it’ll be a disaster for us and the Iraqis, and we’ll pay for it for years.

This from the man who accused Ned Lamont of flip-flopping on Iraq and has voted repeatedly against withdrawal and for permanent military bases?  As Sue of MLN says,  "There isn’t enough maple syrup in Vermont for this waffle."

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