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What's wrong with sHillary?

After reading the earlier post with Gavin Newsom’s comments on Dems, here is an illuminating piece in the WaPo about sHillary’s fortunes. She’s a prime example of the kind of Dem many voters believe favors SSM no matter what she says, yet she dodges making statements, only increasing their suspicions about her.

“Beyond the Poll Numbers, Voter Doubts About Clinton,” shows you how feeble and illogical the sheeple are when judging the merits of her as a candidate. It’s confirmation that the Rovian principles of campaigning, sorry to say, are the way to go.

I’m definitely no sHillary supporter, but why must people fixate on her hair, her image, her marriage, even their “bad vibes” about her, but not her biggest liability — her craven lack of scruples, the easy ability to toss aside core Dem values (and with that, the support of her base, as we’ve discussed here many times) in order to suit her personal political ambitions?

Look at some of these comments by people who aren’t sure about voting for her.

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“She may be strong, but at the same time, if you’re driven sometimes you’re perceived as not having sympathy. And perception is reality for most of us.” (Anna Shelley, a mother of three from Utah)

“The reason I am not able to say I am strongly supportive of her is because — and this is just vibes — she does not project a sense of what is inside of her like her husband did.”(Sam Hack, 59, a self-described liberal Democrat from St. Louis)

“There’s no question she’s competent and very intelligent, but people want to see authentic human beings, and she has overly managed herself.”
(Peter Brooks, 68, a professor of English at the University of Virginia and a liberal Democrat who has an unfavorable view of Clinton)

“It seems that her public image is different from her private image. It bothered me when I read she was verbally abusive to employees.”
(Brian Tripplett, 47, a Democrat and a United Parcel Service manager from Kentucky)

What pray tell, can someone running her campaign do when you’ve got his sort of image problem to combat? Cripe, is Bush an “authentic human being”? Does he “project a sense of what is inside of him?” Scratch that, I really don’t want to go there…you get what I mean. Rove created an image that sold, no matter how wickedly awful the source material was.

According to the article, 54% percent view sHillary favorably, give her high marks for leadership (68%), strong family values (65%), and being open and friendly (58 percent).

Even with all of that, only 37% of Democrats are willing to vote for her.

Question: What are your reasons for opposing a possible sHillary presidential candidacy?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding