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The Spin I’m In: Spirits In The Sky

Hendrix Electric Ad

I was innocently thumbing through a trendy LA magazine the other night, about to fall asleep, when I turned the page and saw the striking image above. At first I thought.. wow, that’s a beautiful photograph…Jimi Hendrix and his band really had it goin’ on…look at the clothes…look at the ‘fros…Jimi was such a fox…ooh the airplane in the background…how glamorous and rock and roll….(and then my eyes scanned to the right)…. OH MY GOD…it’s an ad for vodka?!? This is…appalling…this is so twisted…didn’t he die of drowning in his own.?…this is so sick!…I’m in shock…….(staring at the vodka bottle for a while)…..well, I guess the guy did like his booze…I suppose in a way this is sort of appropriate and…strangely compelling… I mean if someone is gonna sell you out after you die, your name and likeness may as well be hocking something that you obviously enjoyed and may have even approved of….still this is…in such bizarre taste that… (I realized)…I must own a bottle.

Manufacturer Craig Dieffenbach to the LA Times –
"It’s like drinking with Jimi.  The drunker you get, the more you think youre with him ."  Hmmm, I bet.

If there’s a Rock N’ Roll Heaven, you know they’ve got a hell of a bar bar BAAARRR!

At least Hendrix Electric is "officially" (!?!) licensed … (not so sure about the Frida Kahlo Tequila I saw a few pages ahead in the same magazine. Some celebs in the Sweet Thereafter have nobody minding the store). One can "Please Experience Responsibly" (fine print at the bottom of the ad) in Pomegranate, Habanero, or a Limited Edition "purple-hued" bottle signed and numbered by drummer (not pictured in ad) Buddy Miles (nice to see him getting a cut). Only 5000 made and no price listed. I think I’ll go for the more common Habanero and display it on my kitchen shelf. Now all I need are some Marilyn Monroe Sleeping Pills to display in my bathroom. RIP to all three of them.

RIP to Syd Barrett too.

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