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Gavin Newsom in Rolling Stone: Dems lack of moral courage on SSM

An interview with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is featured in the National Affairs Daily section of Rolling, and he bluntly takes on the spineless position of establishment Dems on SSM. He hits the nail on the head — what is the problem with coming out for civil equality when most people don’t believe these hair-splitting non-positions these Dems take on the issue anyway? A perceived lack of conviction won’t win any votes — and certainly no votes will be gained in The 700 Club demo no matter what they do.

That’s why this issue was not seen by the Kerry campaign in 2004 in a positive light. Because people saw through John Kerry. They didn’t believe that he was only supportive of civil unions. Because here he was, running as a Democrat on all those proud traditions where we never fell short on equality. And so — even though his position was exactly the same as Dick Cheney’s — the American people questioned that. I don’t think the American people believe us. And that’s a big problem.

As long as we allow this to be dangled in front of us because of our unwillingness to say publicly what so many of us are saying privately, it will haunt the Democratic party. And it will be used as a wedge issue just as it is being dangled in front of congressional candidates in the November election.

Thank you Gavin.

* sHillary won’t touch SSM with a ten-foot pole on her SF road trip

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Pam Spaulding

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