And do it off the clock. We can’t afford the overtime

Tell us where the bomb is or the employee gets it…

Proving that nothing can happen these days that wasn’t forseen at the movies, we present the bomb-sniffing employees:

Why did Wal-Mart clear customers out of a Quebec store and then order 40 of its workers to stay in the store and search for a bomb? On July 5 workers at a Wal-Mart in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec were ordered by Wal-Mart to help police search for a bomb, even though police recommended to Wal-Mart that the store should be completely evacuated.

An investigation is underway and some of the workers continue to be traumatized from the forced search.

Blazing Saddles:

[the railway crew discover quicksand up ahead, and one of them offers to ride up ahead to check it out]

Taggart: Horses? We can’t afford to lose no horses. Send over a couple o’ niggers.

Wal-Mart: Every Day Low Ethics.

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