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Desperate to campaign on anything but his record, Lieberman releases his tax returns so he can continue to whine until Ned does likewise:

"This is another desperate attempt by Sen. Lieberman’s campaign to distract voters away from his continuing support for George Bush," said Tom Swann, Lamont’s campaign manager. "We’re releasing Ned’s taxes because we want to talk about the real issues of the day, like the price of gas and … the war in Iraq."

If Joe is all about transparency, maybe he won’t mind releasing a list of Haddassah’s clients?  Haddassah is a lobbyist for Big Pharma.  Joe has pushed through many Big Pharma windfalls, and is the biggest recipient of campaign money from Pharmaceuticals in the Senate.  Much, much more attention needs to be paid to this.

.  How come nobody in the media is asking Joe if he’s changed his position on rape victims to make NARAL happy?  I think it’s an obvious one.

.  Overheard at an event last night:  "If this boils down to a competition over the most lawn signs, it’ll be Ned vs. Coldwelll Banker."  True — In two weeks, I’ve seen more lawn jockeys and garden gnomes than Lieberman signs.  Speaking of which, two Democrats who had cast their convention votes for Lieberman recently asked for Lamont signs.  They were evidently disgusted with Boltin’ Joe’s decision to flip the bird to the party.

.  Ned at Young Democrats tonight.  

.  If you’re a CT resident, PLEASE join Ned’s Family, Friends and Neighbors network to make sure the people you know become part of the Lamont GOTV list.  More here.  It’s really, really important. 


The firepower lined up against us is remarkable.  The DSCC, the Connecticut Democratic Party, Sierra Club, NARAL, League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood, AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA, NALC, NAGE, Food and Commercial Workers, Teamster’s, Firefighters, Carpenters, Postal Workers, IBEW, Human Rights Campaign, 40+ Senators, John Lewis, etc.

Lieberman is spending massive amounts of money on direct mail pieces and TV, and who knows how much other lobbyist and interest group money is being funneled onto Lieberman’s side.

We did not make this happen, the voters of Connecticut made it happen.  But we created some space, as we do for all our political pushes.

As Matt has noted, if all these groups put as much effort into fighting Alito as they have toward fighting us, our efforts probably wouldn’t be so necessary.  But the fact is, this is big, big money lined up against Ned.  Lieberman’s claim that Ned is trying to "buy" the election is such a joke I don’t know when to stop laughing.

Mixmaster Joe (via Colin McEnroe). 

.  The Great Divider Joe Lieberman has also split members of the Congressional Black Caucus.  An article in the Courant details how Maxine Waters, who has no love for Lieberman and his anti-civil rights opportunism (yeah yeah I know he marched in ’64, David Howowitz was a liberal then too) is now pitted against local Rep John Lewis, who has endorsed Lieberman.  Money quote:  

"Sen. Lieberman is not in any way beloved in the African American community. There’s a considerable amount of suspicion," said David A. Bositis, senior research associate at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a research group that examines minority voting patterns.

Then Big White Marshall Whitman offers up his analysis of the African-American vote. Hilarity ensues.   Although they note that Lewis is a member of the "Out of Iraq" caucus they don’t mention that Party Boss Lieberman threatened to cut off  any state Democrat who didn’t support him.  I don’t even blame Lewis, he did what he had to, but he’s been less than vocal and nobody really takes the endorsement very seriously.  Maxine Waters on the other hand….  (Lewis is from GA, thanks for the corrections in the comments.  My money is still on Maxine)

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