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The Greater Middle Eastern War

Like Arthur Silber, I fear that events in the Middle East are designed to spiral out of control, right into Persia.

[OH, BROTHER:  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It’s All About Iran.  As I wrote:

Iffor whatever particular combination of reasons the attack on Irandoesn’t come before the November elections (and perhaps even as earlyas this summer), it will certainly come before the end of Bush’s term.

Drudge is now hawking this latest story:

Israel has information that Lebanese guerrillas who captured two Israeli soldiers are trying to transfer them to Iran, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said. Spokesman Mark Regev did not disclose the source of his information.

One more time:  They want a wider war.  They’ve already decided to attack Iran.

There are several signs to support that. The immediate US blame placed on Syria. The apparent US disinterest in pulling Israel back from the brink. And now allegations involving Iran.

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