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The fundies' Jesus was a hard-ass homobigot

A little bit ago I blogged about the tolerance campaign being launched by Faith in America. In Indiana, the effort is on billboards that ask “Would Jesus Discriminate,” calling for Christians to denounce discrimination by churches against LGBT people. From the web site:

Just last year, Indiana’s legislature initiated a four-year process to amend our State Constitution to ensure that gay couples never gain access to the same legal rights as straight couples. This is the first time since the slavery era that Indiana’s legislature has singled out a specific group of people for exclusion from Indiana’s Equal Protection Clause. The practical effect of the proposed amendment would be to deprive gay couples of basic rights — such as being able to visit each other in a crisis in the emergency room or inheriting property from each other.

Since so many churches are invoking the name of Jesus to justify their assault on the rights of gay and transgender people, we invite thoughtful people everywhere to ask this simple question:

What would Jesus do?

Well if you’re a local Baptist church and the Indiana branch of the AFA, Jesus was a hard-ass bigot.

An independent Baptist congregation along a major thoroughfare posted the message “God discriminated at Sodom” on its sign board. A Christian conservative group, the American Family Association of Indiana, distributed radio ads saying, “Not only did Jesus discriminate; he is going to discriminate again.”

The MCC and the campaign’s benefactor, furniture designer Mitchell Gold, are undeterred.

Gold, the North Carolina-based purveyor of chic furniture sold by the likes of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel, is underwriting much of the $100,000 US media campaign through Faith In America, a national organization he founded to fight intolerance.

“I’ve suffered a good amount of discrimination by people holding up their Bible,” Gold said in an interview. “The clock is being turned back, and I want to stop the clock from being turned back.”

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