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From yesterday’s Bay Windows’ Blogging the ConCon (constitutional convention) in Boston:

5:30 p.m. — In a 100 to 91 vote, lawmakers voted to recess the constitutional convention until Thurs., Nov. 9. After Senate President Robert Travaglini announced the vote count, there was audible applause in the chamber.

5 p.m. — Arline Isaacson, head lobbyist against the amendment and co-chair of the Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, told Bay Windows the lobby team had worked with House and Senate leadership to postpone the vote on the amendment as long as possible. She said over the past couple of weeks the lobby team has worked with lawmakers to persuade them to take up items at the ConCon as they appear on the calendar, rather than to vote to move the marriage amendment to the top. She said legislative leadership agreed to follow the calendar.

You’ll also find a ton of pictures in the liveblogging article, including one amusing winger with a sign that says “No Special Rights for Sodomites.”

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