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More heat for Mr. GOP 'gays=pedophiles'

Guilford County Republican Party Chairman Marcus Kindley‘s in hot water. Groups are coming out to blast him after he refused to apologize when asked by the North Carolina Advocacy Coalition to apologize for his remark that being gay is “as natural as pedophilia.”

He tried to take to the airwaves to clarify matters and simply stuck his bigoted foot firmly in his mouth. He appeared on 107.5 WKZL’s conservative “Murphy In The Morning Show” along with Rollin Kibbe, president of the Triangle chapter of NC Log Cabin Republicans. Kindly showed no indication of regretting his original remarks, and the NCAC reports that Kindley really did make an ass out of himself.

…although he did arrogantly state on the morning talk show that he would say he was sorry to any person if you read his writings and “offended yourself.” During the show, Kindley also compared the “lifestyle choice” of homosexuality to the choice of being overweight.

…Kibbe also pointed out that Kindley had later compared homosexuality to being as un-natural as a “fish riding a bicycle.

At the end of the segment in which Kindley appeared, talk show host Jack Murphy stated, “To compare any gay person to a pedophile is just wrong” and “You can’t insult them for what they are and expect them to want to join the party.”

Another local group has had enough of this ignorant man.

The Catawba Valley LGBT Community Center joins with the North Carolina Advocacy Coalition and a list of other organizations, individuals and professionals from around North Carolina, in firmly believing that such derogatory, anti-gay remarks are harmful and dangerous to LGBT North Carolinians. Chairman Kindley’s remarks are also perfect examples of political scare tactics playing on the fears of parents and a larger society.

Brandon Greeson, Center founder and director made the following comments at press time:

“Chairman Kindley’s comments represent a gross disregard for humanity and is a perfect example of anti-gay prejudice and ignorance surrounding the issues of the law, human sexuality, and mental health. These comments degrade LGBT North Carolinians who are peaceful, law-abiding and community-minded, by comparing them to mentally ill individuals responsible for the sexual, physical and mental abuse and exploitation of children, the most vulnerable and precious members of our society.

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