This war is about to get quagmire-ier

The war ate my homework

Mark Levin, the ugly poodle-chihuahua mix of National Review, on the Plame suit:

So, Valerie Plame is suing the vice president and Lewis Libby. Yes, it will be a distraction to the vice president, but it will also be a great opportunity for Cheney and Libby’s lawyers to pursue aggressively discovery. Plame, and her detestable husband Joe Wilson, may well have blundered. To the extent possible, through depositions and document production, Cheney and Lewis’s lawyers should get to the bottom of the real scandal, e.g., who exactly is Valerie Plame, what was her role in sending her husband to Niger, who were all of her contacts, what media sources did she speak to, what politicians did she speak to, and on and on. And the same with her husband.

UPDATE: Here’s a self-serving release from the Plame side. Notice a left-wing law professor is among her lawyers. The suit also names Karl Rove.

The world is at war and these fools bring this lawsuit. Another 15 minutes of shame.

Of course, with Mark, it’s always about the war:


Yes, Cheney is a public man so his actions are public — but in this case, they are public and unimportant. David Gregory and his band of pampered colleagues may be offended but many of us are not. Sorry, I don’t see any great offense or principle on display here. And I dare say most Americans are tuning out. The vice president is safe, his lawyer friend is okay, and nothing tawdry occurred. Now, back to the war.

Mark Levin on mowing the lawn:

Sure the neighbors are complaining, but they have to realize that we’re at war

Mark Levin on not leaving a tip

I’m very sorry the government taxes their tips, that’s fucked up. That ain’t my fault. And besides, there’s a war on.

Mark Levin on his erectile dysfunction:

This has never happened to me before. Must be the war. Let’s cuddle…

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