Pre-Friday Random Ten

I’m sixteen hundred miles from the people I know
Been doin’ all I can but opportunity sure come slow
Lord I’d be in the sun all day
But I’m sweepin’ out a warehouse in west L.A.
But it’s all right ’cause it’s midnight
And I got two more bottles of wine

Without the comments you’ll just have to hang onto your own personal RT until next week and suffer through mine. This would probably be a good week to break out some Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit/Puddle of Mudd just to annoy people who won’t be able to respond.

Here we go:

Feel – Stereophonics
Let The Bells Ring – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Mystic (Interlude) – Les Nubians
Two More Bottles of Wine – Emmylou Harris
Young Lungs – Stereolab
Radiation Vibe – Fountains of Wayne
Sugar Cane – Space Monkeys
In France They Kiss On Main Street – Joni Mitchell
Mountain Song – Metal Hearts
World Waits For You (Reprise) – Son Volt

Bonus #11: Everybody’s Talkin’ – Harry Nilsson

I don’t see anything to complain about there.

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