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Top 10 Fundie Power Brokers

Head over to PageOneQ for a fantastic reprint of an article by Americans United for Separation of Church and State‘s Rob Boston on the top ten radical religious organizations in the U.S. (with a hat tip to Scott).

Here’s the list, but the full article is an essential click. We often make fun of these clowns here on the Blend, but the sorry truth is that these organizations are cash cows of bigotry, pulling in $447 million a year — and spending in excess of a half a billion on anti-gay initiatives. I’ve included a link to prior Blend posts on each.

1. Christian Broadcasting Network
Founder, CEO and Director: The Rev. Pat Robertson
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2. Focus on the Family
Founder and chairman: Dr. James C. Dobson
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3. Coral Ridge Ministries
Founder and President: The Rev. D. James Kennedy
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4. Alliance Defense Fund
President, CEO and General Counsel: Alan Sears
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5. American Family Association
Founder and Chairman: The Rev. Donald Wildmon
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6. American Center for Law and Justice
Founder and President: The Rev. Pat Robertson
Chief Counsel: Jay Sekulow
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7. Family Research Council
Founder: James C. Dobson; President: Tony Perkins
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8. Jerry Falwell Ministries
Founder and Director: The Rev. Jerry Falwell
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9. Concerned Women for America
Founders: Tim and Beverly LaHaye
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10. Traditional Values Coalition
Founder and Chairman: The Rev. Louis P. Sheldon
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