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"Four Empty Heads" video by CTBob


According to the NY Observer, that’s what paranoid ol’ Joe Lieberman — without any kind of evidence at all — insists that the polite young woman who questioned his position vis-a-vis the Democratic party on Monday was:

Joe Lieberman was incensed.

He’d just been confronted at a campaign event for Irish supporters in his hometown of Stamford, Conn., by a woman who lectured him about his lack of commitment to the Democratic Party.

"She was a plant," said Mr. Lieberman, complaining to two campaign staffers in the parking lot behind the Irish Tigín Pub. "It was a set-up."

This, writ small, is what has become of Mr. Lieberman’s political career.

No actually she wasn’t, she’s a local Stamford resident, an Irish American (Maura) who was absolutely entitled to be there (unless Joe is now trying to purge all genuine Democrats from the party).  Joe has evidently bought his own "great man" bullshit and can’t imagine why any Democrat would question his loyalty after he’s pledged to respect their opinion in the matter of his candidacy on August 8 — well, not at all actually.

Looks like Joe’s own local support is — uh, from all apearances a bit droopy (Limbaugh-esque?)  From a mailer to out-of-state residents:

Senator Lieberman is a national figure, and our fight for Connecticut’s future has taken on national importance.  Volunteers are signing up from around the country to help re-elect Joe, and most of these folks will be driving up and flying in the weekend before August 8th.  Can you help these hard workers by giving them a place to stay?

Let us know if you can contribute supporter housing for a volunteer!

These volunteers are giving up vacations and weekends to fight for the future of Connecticut.  Please welcome them while they’re here.

Let us know if you can contribute supporter housing for a volunteer!

Now it would be one thing for a political newcomer to do this, but an 18 year Senator who can’t even pull enough volunteers in his own state to support his campaign?  As Digby says, the optics on this one are just awful.

(thanks to Susan N. for the Lieberman letter) 

Update:  Just click here.  Fuck that’s funny.  I think we’ve reached the tipping point.

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