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I feel much better now. I should not worry my pretty little head about the Holy Joe endorsement, NARAL has it all under control:

That having been said, from time to time, it does occasionally occur that a pro-choice elected official will take a position against our recommendation – and when that happens, it’s always a disappointment.  Senator Lieberman’s vote (and the same votes of other fully pro-choice senators) for cloture on the controversial Alito nomination is one case in point. And his comments about emergency contraception caused us concern, as they undoubtedly did you as well – but he has since clarified his position, to our satisfaction.

He has "since clarified his position, to our satisfaction."  How exactly did he do that?   Did he do an about face?  Because that would be some news, considering Holy Joe is Mr. Faith Based Initiative.  Or did NARAL just decide that it was okay for Joe to deny emergency contraception to the 22,000 women who become pregnant each year after having been raped?  I really don’t see a lot of hairs to be split here.

Well they don’t say, I guess we are just supposed to trust them.  It would be nice to know.   

Maybe someone should ask the email’s author — Elizabeth J. Shipp, NARAL’s Political Director — at 202-973-4210.  We assume she knows.

(Grahic by Darkblack) 

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