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Freeper: a 'Gay Marriage tidal wave'

I had to post this nonsense because it made me laugh out loud this AM. Despite the recent setbacks for us on the marriage equality front, the Freepi are concerned that SSM is right around the corner.

Anyone else concerned about a Gay Marriage tidal wave?

Posted on 07/10/2006 11:03:45 AM PDT by NorthEastRepublican

I don’t know if its just me, but I’m getting worried that we may be in the calm before a storm of a gay marriage tidal wave. I think that states like New York and Massachusetts will legalize it and that there will be a domino affect that goes throughout the country. I think it is concievable that 15 states would legalize gay marriage.

NY and MA currently have two strong anti-gay marriage governors who would not allow the legalization. But with the likely election of a Democrat to succeed Romney and the inevitable election of Spitzer combined with the state legislatures, its only a matter of time in my opinion.

Soon after that you could see states such as my state, NJ follow suit.

Also if Arnold loses, CA will follow too.

I think this is a major societal and moral problem. As each day rolls along we are more and more becoming like the secularist welfare states of Western Europe.

And here are some of the knuckledragging, belly laugh responses…along with some common sense tossed in. Methinks some of the Freepi are tiring of the issue and the ultra-strident haters among them.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

I’m not worried about the gay tidal wave, its Gods response that worries me.

It is impossible for people of the same sex to marry. It is impossible for a person to marry an animal or a knothole.

Of course the people who accept the corrupted meaning of gay might also accept the corrupted meaning of marriage.

I sort of welcome some state legalizing gay marriage. Given the threat of a court decision holding that “the full faith and credit clause” would impose those marriages on all fifty states, the minute one state legalizes gay marriage, you’ll see the rest of the country suddenly DEMANDING their GOP Senators sign on to the defense of marriage amendment.

It would lead to a morally devoid society which I would be a part of.

Can’t speak for other states,but here’s the situation in MA as I understand it.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court,by a single vote,declared homosexual “marriage” to be a right here.The deciding vote was cast by the Chief Justice,a South African Maoist married to Anthony Lewis (yes,*that* Anthony Lewis). We,like some other states,have an initiative petition process in our Constitution.There’s a move afoot to put the question to a vote of the people.Homosexual “rights” groups and several slimey state legislators are doing their best to prevent this because poll,after poll,after poll here show that it would be *soundly* rejected. Yes,it’s true boys and girls….the same voters that send Kerry and Kennedy to Washington time after time wouldn’t approve it.

Here’s your leading edge, maybe. Now gays will have the wonderful opportunity to be like lot of straight people… locked in loveless marriages just to keep the cash stream and benefits package intact.

Some gay folks will soon be recalling the “be careful what you wish for” saying. And they’ll wonder “is this the liberation we lobbied for?”.

Why do we care? Seriously. How is gay marriage going to ruin my life? Will the gay people tell me that I can’t stay married to my wife of 12 years? Let’s not get all upset over the gay people.

Get government OUT of marriage!

I’m against Gay marriage but, I’m also sick of hearing about it. We’ve got some other pressing issues that need our attention. (Survival comes to mind)

It’s another step down the slippery slope. What is really going on here is forcing society to accept their behaviour. That includes Christians who believe the behaviour to be sinful. They will tell you that it’s about insurance and wills but that’s bunk. You can will your assets to anyone and name anyone on life insurance. Health insurance is a different matter. There are serious health risks with this sexual behaviour. They want the consequences to be paid for by others.

Can’t you find another broken record to screech at us?

How is gay marriage going to ruin my life?

You don’t understand. It’s not about marriage at all, except as a wedge to further destabilize society. Homosexuals don’t really care about marriage, the goal is a show of force for their side. They will NEVER be satisfied with any gains that they make – typical of the liberal mindset. Any advances will further enrage them.

Canada and the Netherlands are a peek into the future of what state-endorsed same sex marriage will bring. People are going to jail for merely speaking their conscience regarding this lifestyle, in the privacy of their own congregations.

I’m worried about the younger generation only being fed one point of view. Where will we be in 30 years on this issue? The thing is that if the sexual libertines get their way and all is permitted, people aren’t going to be happier. We’ll have too much social chaos, too many confused/addicted/lonely people; sexual predators getting whatever they want. People need a certain amount of structure. Freedom occurs within structure. The gay marriage folks don’t understand that. They’re pushing their agenda against the backdrop of stability that traditional marriage still manages to provide. In 30 years…??

Freedom is good, including marital freedom.

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