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Catholic homobigot's knickers are in a twist

The St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis has a web site that features comments from a Bible study teacher that have sent one conservative group over the edge because the commenter says that the Bible is not “the inerrant Word of God” on reproductive freedom, the rights of women and LGBT people. To add insult to injury, St. Joan holds an annual “GLBT prayer service” and is in favor of adoption rights for gays. That, was just too much to handle.

Stephen Brady, founder of the group Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF), says there is “nothing Catholic” on the church’s website.

“The real scandal, the biggest scandal in all of this, is the fact that Archbishop [Harry] Flynn would allow this priest to do this,” says Brady. “And the fact that this priest feels enough courage, enough gumption to put something like this on the Internet for thousands if not millions to see, shows that he has no fear of his bishop.”

The parish, states the RCF spokesman, is a “disgrace” for promoting the homosexual agenda. “And the homosexual agenda is the acceptance of homosexual activity, of homosexual sex — nothing else,” he says, “because there’s nothing the homosexuals want — outside of a recognition of gay marriage and homosexual sex — that they can’t have with the blessing of the [Catholic] Church.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding