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Unite against homophobic artists

[UPDATE: as media coverage picks up, I’m adding the links.]
[UPDATE 2: see my latest post, LIFEbeat continues its support of homobigoted performers.]

The campaign has begun. The folks at LIFEBeat won’t know what hit them, since the organization has decided that inviting artists that advocate killing gays and lesbians to a concert for HIV/AIDS prevention and education is A-OK. Beenie Man and TOK must renounce their homobigoted ways or be removed from the bill of the Hearts & Voices Concert Series concert slated for July 18 in New York. See my earlier post.

LIFEBeat’s executive director John Canelli actually told Keith Boykin that his “organization wanted to reach out to that segment of the community by using artists who could connect with them” and that it’s “not his job” to encourage artists to repudiate their homophobia. That makes it perfectly clear where LIFEBeat’s coming from, doesn’t it?

Here is a list of bloggers currently participating in educating LIFEBeat that it’s not OK to promote reggae artists who gay-bash in their lyrics. The campaign is open to everyone — you’re welcome to join in by running the above banner:

Donald Agarrat:
Keith Boykin:
Clay Cane:
Jasmyne Cannick:
Steven Claiborne:
Terrance Heath:
Andre Lancaster:
Frank Roberts:
Pam Spaulding:
Bernard Tarver:

Here is the media coverage so far:

* GCN Ireland
* PlanetOut’s Politics & News Blog
* Google News Listing of “Beenie Man” LIFEbeat stories
* PlanetOut: Black gays protest homophobe AIDS concert
* New York Blade: Anti-gay rappers headline HIV fundraiser
* Houston Voice: Anti-gay rappers headline HIV fundraiser
* Southern Voice: Anti-gay rappers headline HIV fundraiser
* Washington Blade: Anti-gay rappers headline HIV fundraiser

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