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Send in the fundie clowns

It looks like we missed out on some fun at Kansas City’s Pride this year, because there was a fundie clown named “JM” (for “Jesus’ Messenger”) out there doing a little proselytizing. According to AgapePress‘s Dwight Widaman the rainbow shirt-clad (it actually had “Jesus is still” on it) JM had a rip-roaring time at Pride. A snippet:

During an interview, our clown says he encountered no resistance as he blanketed better than 200 windshields with business cards announcing the website “” and a peppermint candy kiss attached.

Q: Why would you even try to penetrate such an event? [There goes that penetration stuff again…]

JM: Well, why not? Would you refuse to share Jesus at a state fair?

Q: Well, no. But the state fair isn’t promoting and glamorizing sin.

JM: True. So are you saying you might consider passing out tracts in a bar, but you would never enter a gay bar? Have we forgotten that without Jesus, none of the nice people at the state fair is sheltered from the wrath of almighty God against sin? People aren’t lost because they engage in sex with a same-sex partner. We all do that which grieves and breaks the heart of God because we are born in a compromised state, thanks to Adam.

Q: Do you believe there is a gay gene?

JM: Nonsense. If the Word of God was silent on this issue, we might want to line up with the rest of them and “wait and see.” But there is no gay gene waiting to be discovered. Nor ever was. Neither are there little green men on Mars.

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