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Pimpin’ the Big Lie


Rovian Politics 101 is all about the telling of big lies over and over again.  Bill Scher made a great catch about Joe’s fabricated bumper stickers, Fact Check debunked it, various Connecticut media outlets have covered it, but Holy Joe is still pushing the lie.  In a letter to people he considers rubes "supporters":

As you may have seen, I debated Ned Lamont on WVIT NBC 30. I was happy to have the opportunity to defend my record, which Ned has consistently distorted. It was interesting to see Ned once again waffle on his position on Iraq.

The day after the debate, last Friday, our campaign released a new TV ad called “Bumper Sticker.” The ad parodies one of Ned’s attack ads. We released another ad this weekend that clarifies how Ned has distorted my voting record. You can view both ads on the campaign web site If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore the web site yet, please visit it. We update it regularly. You can view photos, videos and get all the latest news!

I thank you for your support. I look forward to representing you for the next six years and being your Democratic candidate for the November 06’ election.

Rather than admit what everyone else acknowledges at this point — Hoy Joe is rollilng around in Lee Atwater sewer politics with this particular bumper sticker — Joe is constitutionally incapable of admitting he was wrong (fancy that).  As diogenes wrote (via email): 

And isn’t it interesting that TheManOfFaith resorts, from the jump, to negative campaigning and lying? My wife picked up on that during the debate – NoMoJoe (that one’s a keeper!) going negative in his opening remarks, forchrissake!

Yes it is interesting.  Very interesting.  And telling. 

(thanks to Susan N. for the email) 

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