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* Hilarious: “Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis” — over at Shakes Sis.

* Ratzi’s long arm punishes gay Hoosiers: Catholic Church Lobbying Succeeds In Defeating South Bend Gay Rights Ordinance.

* Take part in the Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census! (h/t, Paul)

* Want to participate in the Erase Racism Carnival? You might also want to check out the Austin American Statesman‘s “America’s Hidden History of Racial Expulsions” series.

* From Blender Rick in Idaho: “Salt Lake City’s Mayor, Rocky Anderson, is urging people to protest President Bush’s visit to SLC the last weekend of August. It should be noted that Mayor Anderson is NOT Mormon, just in case Blenders get the impression he’s just a Romney with a spine. He’s also been influential in GLBT rights in a very conservative location.”

* Gene Stone doesn’t mince words about Gay Republicans in his Huff Post piece, “Still More On Gay Morons.” Almost 70 comments already…

* Perrspectives’ “What Does ‘GOP’ Stand For?” contest is over. See the winners.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding