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NC County GOP head: being gay 'as natural as pedophilia'

We now say that homosexuality is ok. That it is natural. Yes it is as natural as pedophilia. If it were natural then we wouldn’t be having a conversation about it, because there would be no procreation. It really is that simple. All the other studies and written articles are the justification for the actions of this group of individuals.

— Marcus Kindley, chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party

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It’s nice to know that Guilford County Republicans are well represented by a grade A, batsh*t-emitting, homobigots like Kindley. Any guesses as to whether he has a freshly washed sheet in his closet as well?

Kindley posted the above in a diatribe entitled “Morals, Church and the American Society” on his blog, The Chairman’s Corner. He takes a swipe at gays, but as the leader of his county’s GOP, Marcus also takes the opportunity to pontificate on issues of the day in a way that simply brings tears to my eyes.

On the right to choose…

Look at the issue of abortion. The North Carolina Democratic Party will not take a stand for life. It advocates the freedom to kill an unwanted child in the womb at your pleasure. There is no stigma of right or wrong associated with this action by our media and many of our churches and society as a whole. They say it is a personal decision. Well with that rational so is murder, rape, sposal abuse, pedophilia, incest..

On the decline of the church (apparently the bible-beaters aren’t flogging hard enough):

Our churches in trying to be everything to everybody has failed to discriminated between right and wrong. If there is no right and wrong, but only gray, then there is no need for God or Laws….In America today our churches have degraded their beliefs so much that the ordinary citizen sees no need to attend a worship service, because he sees and hears the same thing on Opra and Dr. Phil everyday.

Someone please contact the Holy Joe campaign. We have another articulate endorsement from the GOP:

Look at Joseph Lieberman. He is an old time Democrat who loves America and believes we should protect our people. Yet, the new left and the media want him thrown overboard. I could work with Joe Lieberman, I believe he is a basically honest men. I could disagree vehemently with him on some ways to handle certain social ills, but we could talk. Look how he is being treated. Instead of respect for his opinions his own pillars him.

Matt Hill Comer of the NC Advocacy Coalition passed on this gem of a party leader. I noticed, as he did, that a commenter left a note at Kindley’s blog that the pol’s post “resonates” with him and that he “longs for simpler times.”

Cue up “Dueling Banjos”…

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