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LaBarbera heads to the bathhouse with a 'Love and Truth Offensive' at Gay Games

Miss LaBarbera has been prepping furiously for the Gay Games (July 15 – 22). It’s an exciting time — he’s planning to work the bathhouse area, “educating” folks who happen to be walking by about “sexual perversions.” Is this more “research”? From his press release:

LaBarbera said the Love and Truth Offensive will conclude Saturday night, July 22, with an informational Christian outreach in front of the homosexual bathhouse Steamworks in Chicago’s Boystown (gay) neighborhood. Steamworks, where men go for anonymous sex with other men, is an official sponsor of the Gay Games. Steamwork’s sponsorship is evidence of the unhealthy “extracurricular” activities that surround this event and the homosexual lifestyle in general, LaBarbera said.

“Because we care about gay men, we will be in front of Steamworks urging them not to engage in destructive and highly dangerous behavior,” he said.

Wayne Besen has a few words about Peter’s plans…

However, it is clear that Porno Pete is the one playing the gay games, as he once again finds himself in a homosexual den of iniquity. This anti-gay leader has regularly gone “undercover” at S&M; leather balls, circuit parties and porn palaces. Now, he plans to conduct what he calls “informational outreach” in front of a Chicago gay bathhouse. The rest of us call what he is doing twisted voyeurism.

Peter recently did a lot of research at the bathhouse during his undercover work at the International Mr. Leather conference because he needed to educate his Christian audience about the inner workings of “a perversion center where men engage in despicable and dangerous acts with other men.”

Look at some of the “ex-gay” and fundie luminaries participating in the harrassment of Games attendees.

— Linda Jernigan, founder of “,” who lived 19 years in the lesbian lifestyle

— Janice Couture, whose daughter is a practicing lesbian: “How to love your gay or lesbian child without loving their behavior”

— Linda Harvey of Mission America, speaking on, “How the gay movement endangers and corrupts children”

— James Hartline, former homosexual and Christian activist in San Diego;

— Rev. Al Cleveland, an African American minister, on “Why homosexuality is not a civil rights issue”

Also on that list is “ex-gay” Greg Quinlan, who says in his bio that he has worked for HRC in the past. Wayne wonders when on earth Quinlan was there.

Interestingly, I worked at HRC for five years and nobody had ever heard of Mr. Quinlan – either at the national office or in Ohio. It appears that he is either falsifying his credentials or his role with HRC was so inconsequential that it left no identifiable footprint. I would urge Mr. Quinlan to either stop identifying himself as a former HRC official or prove that he was once part of the group. (Licking stamps once as a volunteer 20 years ago doesn’t count and certainly doesn’t justify making it into the bio).

* Fundie ‘Action Plan’ for the Gay Games

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