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Gannon to 'entertain' at NYC Log Cabin meeting

Why do the NY LCRs really want to be associated with this guy? The former Talon News “reporter” will address the group on Thursday. John has more.

It’s clear that the gay group thinks Gannon represents them as a “gay conservative,” which is quite sad. Gannon only recently acknowledged being gay, he has a long history of writing incredibly anti-gay stories for far-right publications, he has been accused of repeated cases of plagiarism, and sometimes he just makes stuff up (like he did in a recent article claiming I ran an advertiser boycott of the local gay paper – totally untrue, but hey, facts are for liberals). Oh yeah, and his 8, or was it 9, male prostitution Web sites were uncovered where he was selling himself to men for $200/hr and $1200/weekend. Not that I have any problem with that, but don’t go playing the homophobe during your day job and then be gay-for-pay at night. Not to mention, there’s a difference between being an expert on gay sex and gay rights.

Jeff in the good old Bulldog days. And today.

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