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SC gay org begins billboard campaign to fight amendment at the polls

If South Carolina residents look into their lives, they’ll see that there are people who they know and love who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, and those people need their support…There is an important vote in November, and those individuals will be drastically affected by that vote.”
— Warren Redman-Gress, Alliance for Full Acceptance‘s executive director

There will be not only a billboard campaign — which will feature three messages rotating before November, but the Alliance will use direct-mail, radio and television ads, bumper stickers to help educate South Carolina voters about why it’s important to vote against the amendment. (The State):

A Charleston-based gay-rights group has started the campaign to defeat a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. The Alliance for Full Acceptance is paying more than $1,100 a week for a billboard on Interstate 26 encouraging people to vote no in November.

Someone you know, someone you love … is gay. They need your help in November,” the billboard says.

Same-sex marriages are prohibited by state law, but supporters of the amendment say it is needed to prevent a judge from declaring that law unconstitutional as happened in Massachusetts, the only state where gay couples are allowed to marry.

The SC wingers, of course, take a different view (Post and Courier):

Leaders with Columbia-based Palmetto Family Council, which promotes fundamental family values, said they are planning an active campaign to encourage people to vote to prohibit same-sex marriages. Executive Director Oran Smith said the council’s advertising will celebrate traditional marriage while being respectful of homosexual friends and neighbors.

We are encouraging people to vote yes for marriage as an institution between men and women,” Smith said. “We all have friends who are gay and lesbian, but it’s our belief that only opposite genders should be afforded the privileges associated with the term ‘marriage.’ “

Hat tip to Blender Kevin, who said: “Guess Oran forgot to mention that…oh yes….our good friends, the gays, are expected to pay taxes to support our privileges, too….and we expect them to continue enjoying their special status in society as our hairdressers, interior decoraters, and landscapers for the plantation. Special rights, indeed.”

Kevin also added this good old rant as an aside:

You know, I don’t know how you or the other blenders react to this, but I’m increasingly wary of the way some media covers this issue – (I’m not talking about these examples) – it seems to me to be increasingly a heterosexual debate about our existence while we are occasionally allowed to make a POLITE remark if addressed by the heterosexuals. I’ve noticed this in some ways for a long time – a fundy can throw a tantrum in an op-ed, quote junk science, declare us unhealthy, filthy, vile, a threat to the universe itself. . .but we are NEVER allowed to respond to them in kind – or to question their chosen faith.

I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a passionate column by gays in any mainstream newspaper – just the usual repeated talking points which obviously aren’t getting anywhere in these amendment battles. That just pisses me off – either our organizations are acting like house faggots who know their place but hope that, if they give the mistress a good hair day, she might ask the massa for a crust of bread for our families – or they are almost apologetic (like in the case of Georgia Equality) for bothering the heterosupremacist court system with something as upsetting as the right to make health decisions for our partners. Something just seems…well, increasingly WRONG about our approach in handling this issue. Why the hell CAN”T our organizations point out that. . .gosh. . .our rights are being decided by heterosupremacist legislatures, governors, and courts – and yet the Right contends this is how DEMOCRACY works. . . and that the majority has the right to put us back into our place.

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