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Ned Lamont’s latest campaign ad.  Ned’s wife Annie looking awfully cute. 

Meanwhile, Holy Joe’s new party is modestly going to be called "Connecticut for Lieberman."  WCBN has a great clip of the non-Biden event in Stamford (scroll down to "Lieberman Files Papers Seeking New Party"), including Maura’s respectful challenge (where she says she will support Lieberman if he wins the primary).  And Edward Anderson speaks for many Connecticut voters:

Brian Burnell:  Edward Anderson is a long-time Democrat  who says he just doesn’t buy Lieberman’s excuse that he votes with the Democrats 90% of the time.

Edward Anderson:  Joe is like saying I only cheat on my wife once a month, I’m basically a good husband.  But when push comes to shove, he’s out there cheating.  And a lot of us don’t trust him.  Let me tell you, he’s earned the Republican’s respect for a reason.  Because he sells us out when it matters.

Amen to that.

Update:  Spazeboy has a good video up of Ned tonight talking about net neutrality

Update #2:  Puppethead, in the comments:  "Joe should have called it the ‘Kiss My Ring’ Party."

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