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By now you’re surely aware that a liberal blogger, one Debra Frisch — whom no one had ever heard of previously — wrote some very very very nasty things about Jeff Goldstein’s kid.

I hereby condemn her, for what wrote is so uncouth, so nasty, so fucking demented that it puts her on the same moral plane as …well, Jeff Goldstein and his commenters — obviously the scum of humanity.

She’s plainly broken from the dynamic Andrew described where we lefties do not sink to the wingnuts’ level of depravity (though it’d also be nice if we didn’t "rise" to the level of pecksniff, stupid, Kleiman-esque rhetorical suicide, whereby we so arrogantly think we can reason with the evil and insane that we end-up legitimizing the evil and insane). We’re supposed to have restraint. And of course, we do; this blogger was an unknown where in contrast the most famous of online wingnuts daily prove their congenital indecency.

Yet even as her actual comments were every bit as bad as Goldstein’s and his commenters, this blogger at least had the decency to resign from her job. It doesn’t excuse, much less redeem anything on her part, but it is a damn sight better than what Goldstein and his commenters have done when they:

  1. Outted anonymous liberal bloggers.
  2. Threatened liberal commenters and bloggers with sexual assault and violence.
  3. Engaged in Charles Whitman sniper fantasies against "trolls".
  4. Openly mused about beating YearlyKos attendees with axe handles.
  5. Made sexual remarks about a couple of liberal bloggers’ one-year-old child.
  6. Spewed the obligatory fag-liberal commentary.

because what Klonapin-addled Goldstein and his militia of violent jackasses did then was blame the victims, whine about the cruelty of anonymous/pseudonymous liberals and — well, the unemployable can’t really quit their jobs, can they?

But this isn’t about Goldstein and his commenters who are as violent and crazy as they are paste-devouringly stupid. That’s old news. No, this is about the wingnut horde which has collectively put on its Hockey Mask of Decency and Rectitude to disguise the Hannibal Lector within.

Gavin and TBOGG have said already what needs to be said here with regard to the Confederate Yankee, a moralist-of-convenience who thoughtfully plucked his banjo and uncrossed his eyes before condemning the whole Leftosphere for not condemning this blogger we didn’t know about.

Fine, she’s condemned. Now unless Mr. Slack-Jawed Hayseed wants to be consistent and condemn and de-link Goldstein for his equal transgressions against human decency, he should have a tall glass of STFU and go back to oggling Misty Rowe on old Hee Haw reruns, or whatever the hell it is he does.

Same goes for the Knob from Knoxville, who should be consistent or STFU about this and get back to his first best talent, which is being a particularly weaselly genocide apologist.

And whatever goes for those two goes double for the reprehensible Mike Patterico who can not only drink a double helping of STFU but can fuck himself sideways and inside out for the incredible chutzpah he demonstrates in the linked posts. Let me explain. When I documented Goldstein’s constant pattern of violent and sexual threats to liberals, Patterico responded that Goldstein was genius! that his threats were so intelligently and humorously crafted that it was fucking literature, man! Like South Park and Beavis & Butthead itssooofunnyomg!!!

That’s right: for Patterico, when a fellow wingnut writes something depraved, it’s art! But if a liberal does it, why it’s proof that the whole Leftosphere is soiled, the victim a saint; and, well, if the guilty liberal should do anything at all, she should donate money to poor Jeff Goldstein!

The idiot has gall.

Anyway, don’t bend to the wingnuts. Ms. Frisch is for us a great exception. But for wingnuts, Goldsteins and Malkins are the rule. Grandstanding asshelmets like CY, Instayokel, Patterico, et al can clean their own augean stable so soiled as it is by the presence of so many truly horrible personages before they presume to tell us to clean a few cobwebs from our otherwise fairly tidy home. We have the moral high ground, we always have and always will, and neither you, dear reader, nor those miserable pukeface wingnuts should ever forget it.

(Editor’s Note:  To my eternal shame I actually defended Jeff Goldstein over at Feministe, and it turned out I was wrong and he had in fact violated his Online Integrity Pledge with special dispensation from Pope Tacitus.  I hope publishing this guest post by Retardo of Sadly, No! is appropriate penance. — JH)

Update:  Brad R. has more

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