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Damn Trains

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I’ll be on the air today with the fabulous Colin McEnroe and Bruce Stevens on local CBS radio at 4:30 pm EDT/1:30 pm PDT.  Their knowledge of the local political scene in general and the dynamics Lieberman/Lamont race specifically is formidable.  You can stream the show here.

I’m sure we’ll have much fun at the expense of UltraBright Biden, who hopes to become President of the United States sans the ability to read a train schedule.  Holy Joe evidently snuck in the back door to the RSVP-only event to which the attendance was, shall we say, sparse.  I guess he’s not anxious for any more messy encounters with local fascists voters.  

Neither, it appears, are his buddies in the Incumbency Protection Club.   

(grahic by darkblack) 

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Jane Hamsher

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