Instead of showing boobs in movies,
hire a boob to direct one

Utah welcomes back the twins

In yet another sad pathetic appeal for a job before Govindini makes him take that job in the claims department at Geico, Jason Apuzzo uses the CleanFlicks case to (hint hint) urge conservatives to make more movies:

I’m sorry to say that these companies had been encouraged in part by Republicans in Congress and in the White House. Why? Apparently because it never occured to these people that the best way to change the type of movies people watch is to encourage the creation of different sorts of movies. I will re-iterate our constant message on this blog and through our activities with the Liberty Film Festival (which we founded for this express purpose): conservatives need to make more movies, period. Provide more choice in the marketplace, and a lot of the problems we all complain about will go away.

Which, of course, completely misses the point which is that the people who rent the sanitized films want to see what everybody else is watching but without having their eyes seared by a stray nipple or Bruce Willis’ penis (Go on. Click on it. You know you want to) in The Color of Night. Okay. That’s a bad example. Nobody wants to see either le peepee de Bruce or The Color of Night, but you get the idea.

Anyway, Jason hopes that the good people of Utah will maybe tithe a few bucks his way and then he can make that great American film that is just dying to get out him.

…and be made by a real director.

Hell, it’ll even settle for McG.

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