John Hinderaker: George Bush is soft on terrorists

Arrgh. Arrggh:

The terrorists have posted a video of their multiple desecrations of the bodies of Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, the two American soldiers who were captured in Iraq. The video apparently shows one of the corpses being beheaded; thankfully, it appears that both men were already dead by that point.

The terrorists who were responsible for this atrocity need to be hunted down and killed. When Russian diplomats were murdered by Iraqi terrorists, Vladimir Putin publicly directed Russia’s secret service to track down the perpetrators and kill them. And Russia doesn’t even have any armed forces in Iraq.

Has our government issued a similar order? Not that we know of. We chose this war; we chose this battlefield; we chose to send men like Menchaca and Tucker to Iraq because we believed it was important to our security. Their brutal murders have exposed, once again, the face of pure evil that we are fighting in this war. They must be avenged, and the American public must know that they have been avenged, not forgotten.

President Bush started this war with the right spirit, when he said, for example, that he wanted Osama bin Laden “dead or alive.” More recently, he has internalized and repeated the sophisticates’ criticisms of some of his early rhetoric. In this instance, he should put that reticence behind him and commit the full resources of this nation to avenging our soldiers’ murders. And I’m not talking about capturing the perpetrators and feeding them three religiously appropriate meals a day in Guantanamo Bay.
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