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Turdblossom Elvis to campaign for homobigot Bachmann

Actual caption: Karl Rove, President Bush’s chief political adviser and deputy chief of staff, wears Elvis style sunglasses and sideburns as he walks from Air Force One after Bush returned from a tour of Graceland with Japan’s Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Friday, June 30, 2006, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Just last week, Darth Defibrillator darkened the door of Minneapolis’s well-heeled Republicans to raise money for the homo-obsessed, anti-gay Michele Bachmann, the GOP candidate in the 6th Congressional District race. The Tyrannosaurus of Turpitude, Dennis Hastert was in town last weekend to pump up the dough for Michelle, the running buddy of “ex-gay” Janet “rape causes lesbianism” Boynes. (WCCO):

The event will happen at the Water Street Inn in Bachmann’s hometown of Stillwater, with lunch costing $250 a plate and photos with Rove going for $1,000 per couple.

Bachmann, Democrat Patty Wetterling and the Independence Party’s John Binkowski are running for an open seat in the 6th District. The Republican incumbent, Rep. Mark Kennedy, is running for the U.S. Senate.

Democrats attempted to tie Bachmann to Rove — who engineered Bush’s 2004 re-election — at their 6th District endorsing convention in May, with Wetterling saying, “I refuse to let Karl Rove or anyone else define me or define what we all as Democrats believe in.”

…Bachmann needs money to win one of the state’s two open seats in Congress, and bringing in national figures like Cheney helps even if they come with some political baggage, said GOP strategist Tom Horner. Bachmann is well-known as a social conservative.

“That’s who she is and she’s made no bones about it,” Horner said.

Bachmann on homos: “It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say this is gay. It’s anything but gay.” Image: Michele Bachmann Fun Page.

Hat tip to Eva of Dump Michelle Bachmann, who also has a Bachmann counterpoint up at Pioneer Press.

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