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For the week ending 7/8/06:

Ah, the heat of summer is starting to take its toll. Ann Coulter was outed as the plagiarizing Mad Hatter that she really is. Ana Marie Cox twirled her hair, declaring that she’d rather be one of the boys, albeit it one who wears f.m. pumps. Pam at Atlas Shrugged mainlined a caffeine and psilocybin cocktail before she hit the "record" button.  Ken Lay went to the Big House in the Sky (or below the earth, depending on your perspective), Bush got in touch with his inner 5 year-old with not just one, but three, three birthday parties, a group called "Stop the ACLU" kicked off its pogrom program, Ned Lamont exposed Lieberman as a WATB, and Joe Biden made Larry the Cable Guy look like an internationalist.

And the week ended with a blogospheric, internecine shoot-out of truly atrocious YouTube music viddies.  Now you kids knock it off or I’ll put up that "Seasons in the Sun" clip again.  I’m serious. 

His Rudeness has spent a goodly amount of his time cataloguing the numerous frauds that the certifiably insane Ann Coulter has committed on her equally psychotic audience.  Well, lookee here.  The print media has finally caught a whiff of the trouble the Rude Pundit is highlighting and scurries to cover its hate speech-enabling tush.With surgical precision, Mister Wolcott limns the walking "pair of tweezers":

In Coulter’s case, no dive is necessary, no onion-peeling of motives required. She is so devoid of character and psychology that any investigation would be superfluous. She’s swiping other people’s work not because she’s trying to slip something past us but because she’s sloppy, lazy, and arrogant. She just doesn’t give a fuck. She’s learned that the rules of journalism and public discourse don’t apply to her, having cheerfully violated them so many times before only to be rewarded with the cover of Time, countless cable-news appearances, and bestselling success. 

Dr. Atta J. Turk does some cataloguing of his own, and finds multiple examples of Coulter’s creative cutting and pasting.

Brad at Sadly, No! seeks a fairy tale ending for his fictional conservative prince, who searches for just the right batshit-crazy tavern wench with which to spawn.

It wasn’t a good week for the other "double x" representatives from the right (well, with Coulter, it’s more like" x-y").  Ana Marie Cox, erstwhile objectively pro-ass sex, cutesy character for Wonkette, tried to flex her analytical abilities (with heavy emphasis on "anal") in her review of Katha Pollitt’s new book and came off even more self-hating than Phyllis Schlafly at a Lilith festival.  Amanda Marcotte gives her a swift kick in her well-used buttocks.  Savor this one – its astringency is very refreshing on a hot and humid day.

You want crazy? Digby links to the new fad sweeping the bigotsphere: "rightwing chick" vlogging. Everyone’s favorite loon (yes, I’m looking at you, Wolcott), Pam of Atlas Shrugged, sputters and jiggles for the cameras in an attempt to discredit New York Times’ Bill Keller. You’ll feel saner, and far more articulate, by minute’s end.

Scott Lemieux exposes far less decolletage in his examination of the "Rummy/Cheney Weekend Home-gate" non-story, and World O’ Crap collects all the misogynistic madness into one Kate Spade clutch.

Paul Kiel at TPM Muckraker provides videographic evidence that Joe Biden should step away from the Boston cremes, while Jill at Feministe knocks Biden’s Coolatte out of his hand.

And on a more sinister note, Jesus’ General and The Editors, inter alia, wonder whether StoptheACLU’s Nedd Kareiva has his jackboots shined and ready for the next Klan march.


Steve Gilliard itemizes thoughts of the stupid.

Jesus’ General gives Joe Lieberman some campaign spending advice. 

Skippy searches high and low to find  the one video that will send Rick Santorum into fits of apoplexy (or secretly turn him on.  Who knows with that guy?).

Yeah, I know I’m prejudiced, but how can you not love the AP photographers

The good folks at Bring It On! have launched a new poster campaign.  I’m diggin’ it.

And TBogg shows us, yet again, that Jeff Goldstein is God’s gift that keeps on giving . . . or a tenacious canker sore, I can’t remember which.

If this is only the beginning of July, I can’t wait until August.

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