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A Thanks to All of You


Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the chat with Rick Penberthy in yesterday’s Blue America segment.  He sent along this video to all of you to say thanks for himself.    (Click here please — once again, my tech skills aren’t allowing me to post the YouTube directly.  One of these days I’ll figure this out   (fixed — JH)  This video is DEFINITELY worth the watch.  Now THIS is grassroots politics at its finest!

And Howie tells me that we raised enough funds to cover the costs of between 7,000 and 10,000 mailers for Rick — woo hoo!   All in a two hour period of time.  (And contributions coming through Howie’s Act Blue link today can be used to send out even more mailers.)  Rick and his campaign are thrilled and we are just so pleased to help them out — and to help a true progressive candidate move the ball forward toward a Democratic majority in Congress after the November elections. 

Howie has done such an exceptional job with each and every one of these interviews — he knows these races backwards and forwards and vets as many aspects as he can of every candidate we feature before you ever see an article on them.  It’s a huge amoune of work, and we are so grateful to Howie for doing it for us — and for his doing it so well.  And thanks to everyone of our readers who have sent in tips on candidates around the country — it’s been great to follow-up on a lot of them and find another great progressive to feature. 

On FDL, all politics really is local, with readers from across the country banding together to support each other’s favorites, and we just couldn’t be more pleased.  So thanks, everyone, for all that you do.

Oh, and before I forget — next week, we’ll be featuring Colleen Rowley from MN…who will be here to chat with everyone from the campaign trail.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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