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Your Daily Ned, Saturday July 8


(Update:  There was an accident in New London when a 92 year-old man drove into a crowd where Ned was campaigning.  Several people were hurt, including Lamont staffer and ex-serviceman Rafe who suffered two broken legs pushing others out of the way.  Tim has more on Ned’s blog, where you can go and offer good wishes for Rafe’s speedy recovery — JH)

Looks like Joe Biden is going to bring his traveling Rembrandt-smile-and-hairplugs road show to the lovely city of Stamford, CT on Monday — in a bar (Tigin Irish Pub, 175 Bedford Street, 11am – noon).  Safe to say they aren’t expecting crowds.  It’s also conveniently remote from New Haven  to allow for the shipment of stunt volunteers and hopefully avoid those embarassing incidents that keep on happening every time Joe shows his face in public, courtesy of those angry New Haven bloggers.

Except it isn’t just bloggers, and it isn’t just happening in New Haven.  Recently at an event callled "Celebrate West Hartford" a volunteer was handing out Lieberman stickers to a child while the mother was in the food line. As soon as the mom saw the sticker plastered on her kid she jumped the food line, raced over and ripped it off the kid’s shirt and said "no way" as she tore it to pieces.  How very awkward for Joe.

Then there was the guy at the Willematic parade  who was heckling Joe about the war.  Joe’s pharmaceutical lobbyist wife Hadassah (side note:  Lieberman is coincidentally one of the top Senatorial recipients of Big Pharma cash) tried to step in and defuse things, but another parade patron asked "how many of your kids are serving in Iraq, Mrs. Lieberman?"  The couple made a quick exit before answering the question, so I guess we’ll never know.

Those wishing to witness the marvels achieved in modern follicle relocation at the Stamford event will only be culled from the LieberFaithful by RSVP.  I guess Biden isn’t anxious to be greeted by the public in a state with one of the largest Indian-American communities in the country:

"In Delaware, the largest growth of population is Indian Americans,moving from India.  You cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin Doughnuts unless you have a slight indian accent.  I’m not joking." – Joe Biden

He’s a card, that Biden.  Biden claims this was taken out of context.  You can watch him introduce himself thusly to an Indian-American with this incredible sensitivity here and judge for yourself, I suppose.  Michelle Malkin agrees with Biden, BTW, arguing that Indian-Americans own tons of donut stores; she then invokes Apu.  Isn’t it nice when all the assholes line up on the same side?  It certainly makes things easier.

Speaking of assholes, Bobo Brooks on Holy Joe:

I was surprised by how aggressive he is. He’s saying to himself: I’ve been a liberal for 35 years. I was in Mississippi marching 30 years ago. And this guy comes in and tells me I’m not a Democrat… I’m not a liberal? So I think he’s highly agitated and angry.

Lieberman used the word "liberal" exactly two times in the debate — about Ned Lamont, when he attempts to characterize him as an extreme left-wing wacko.  No surprise Bobo was watching a different debate; I often suspect he’s living in a different universe.  One where anger is quite righteous when assumed by Holy Joe, but a sign of derangement in those who disagree with him.  Makes perfect sense.  In Bizarroworld.

And over at MyLeftNutmeg,  Neil Fink effectively debunks the claim made by Lieberman that he "saved 31,000 jobs" in Connecticut. Makes about as much sense as Joe’s claim that he never supported Social Security privatization.  Here’s Robert Novak, reporting from the crypt in 2000:

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the state AFL-CIO convention today," an elated Sen. Joseph Lieberman told the Connecticut labor gathering in Hartford Monday morning. He meant his selection as Democratic vice presidential nominee, but what was really "funny" was revealed a few moments later.

Embedded in a stock political speech, Lieberman’s 180-degree turn on Social Security was hardly noticed. He flipped from New Democrat privatization to Al Gore’s standpat posture.


In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune published April 18, 1998, Lieberman said: "A remarkable wave of innovative thinking is advancing the concept of privatization, some personalization of retirement plans." Such a plan, he added, can "give people more confidence about what their retirement years will be like." His prediction: "I think in the end that individual control of part of the retirement/Social Security funds has got to happen."

Lieberman wanted to privatize Social Security all right, but he kinda liked the idea of being Vice President of the United States, too, and wasn’t afraid to flip-flop for the sake of political opportunism. 

Pardon those of us who choose to respond with inappropriate derangement. 

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