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More bad news for Mitt as he sucks up to the fundies


The Massachusetts governor thinks that he can carve out support from the Republican Base, but Romney’s Mormon faith is going to deep-six him, if this LA Times/Bloomberg poll holds true. Some of the findings (based on a nationwide survey of 1,321 adults):

* 37% polled would not vote for a Mormon presidential candidate
* 54% said no to a Muslim candidate
* 21% won’t vote for an evangelical Christian
* 15% thumbs down for a Jewish prez candidate
* 10% would not vote for a Catholic candidate

And here’s why Mitt’s got an uphill battle.

Romney is reticent about his religion, citing privacy and contending that candidates should not be judged on their “brand of faith.” But he regularly describes himself as a Christian, saying, “Jesus Christ is my savior.”

Some branches of Christianity do not embrace the Mormon Church. On its website, the Southern Baptist Convention includes Mormonism in a section called “cults, sects and new religious movements.” Kenyn Cureton, a vice president of the Baptist convention, says his church does not regard Mormons as Christians.

“They are not orthodox in their beliefs,” Cureton said. “They have additional books that they add to the Bible, which evangelical Christians believe is God’s word. They believe that there are many, many gods and that you too can become a god in your own world. It sounds good, but unfortunately it is not based on sound teaching.”

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