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Maxine Waters to Campaign for Lamont


I swear if it wasn’t for the Congressional Black Caucus during the Clinton impeachment hearings my faith in democracy would have crumbled right then and there.  You want a fight?  They know how to fight, which is why the right hates them and spends so much time trying to marginalize them (well, that and the fact that they’re, you know, black).  

Bobo Brooks today spreading Lieberman’s latest canard:

Next has come the effort to expel Lieberman from modern liberalism. In a dark parody of the old struggle between Eugene McCarthy and Hubert Humphrey, the highly educated, highly affluent, highly Caucasian wing of the Democratic Party has turned liberalism from a philosophy into a secular religion, and then sought to purge a battle-scarred warhorse on the grounds of insufficient moral purity.

Somebody tell Maxine Waters.  From her appearance on the Tom Joyner radio show, when asked about efforts to end the war: 

As a matter of fact, I’m talking with Mr. Lamont up in Connecticut.  He’s running against Mr. Lieberman.  As you know, Mr. Lieberman, who is a Democrat,  acts just like a Republican, has been supporting the war. Now Mr. Lamont’s got his back up against the wall in the Democratic primary — Mr. Lieberman might get beaten!  I’m calling Mr. Lamont  to tell him I’m gonna come up and help him.

Waters is the chair of the 72 member, all Democratic "Out of Iraq" caucus.  Now she’s standing up to the Incumbency Protection Racket, honoring her principles and fighting for what she believes in.  Bobo only proves that he knows nothing about Lamont supporters and a whole lot about pissy white male privilege, and his indignant martyr routine is simply an exercise in projection. 

I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching Maxine Waters come to Connecticut on behalf of Ned and show a patronizing old gasbag like Brooks how it’s done. 

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