Official condemnation. So recorded. (Updated)

Apparently a blogger that nobody knows wrote some ugly things in the Protein Wisdom comments section (that we are all supposed to have read) about Jeff Goldstein, his son and his wife. Therefore we, the liberal side, are guilty of not “policing our own” (which means, I guess, we have to vote her off the internets), and so we want to officially apologize to Mr. Goldstein and his family for the duress that they have been under.

We would also like to apologize to all of the conservative bloggers, who blanketed this story, for forcing them to take time off from fighting terrorists, jihadis, Islamicists, homosexuals, the UN, Darwinists, the MSM, college professors, Blogofascists, people who read books, people who go see movies, people who don’t like Lee Greenwood, people who don’t have little yellow ribbon magnets on their SUVs, people who aren’t white, people whose primary language is not english, “civil liberty hysterics”, Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Howard Dean, Cindy Sheehan, John Murtha, Al Franken, Arianna Huffington, our Dark and Tempermental Lord Kos, all of those salespeople who didn’t say, “Have a Merry Christmas”, people who wear hats in movies, people who don’t find a song about killing little Iraqi girls the height of wit, and all of the bloggers who were too busy this weekend with their own lives to wonder what was going on in Jeff Goldstein’s life and hence they weren’t aware that they were required to run to their computers and make a symbolic condemnation as if anyone on the right sincerely gives a flying fuck.

We’re truly truly sorry that we put all of you through l’affaire Goldstein and if you are unable to save western civlization before the apocalypse and/or the rapture (whichever comes first) or if the Mexicans take over… we will accept the blame for that too.

Again, our deepest regrets.

So sorry.

(Added): Confederate Yankee still doesn’t think that we have done enough to separate ourselves from Deborah Frisch, who made little to no attempt to hide who she was, the true sign of a cyber-stalker. Therefore those who haven’t done their part to wave virtual pitchforks and torches and bellow incoherently are part ot the” toddler-threatening community” which is somewhat similar to the “mountain out of a molehill” community that can’t find enough to bitch about in order to fill their empty vapid lives with rage and meaning.. and maybe pick up a few extra hits on their blogs as a bonus. Confederate Yankee might better fill his time pondering the prospect of someone who has to be medicated for anxiety attacks considering purchasing a weapon. He could probably get a five-part series out of that.

Either that or he could just get over himself.

Not that anyone gives a crap.

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