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Alright People! I am thrilled to be joining the agitators here at FDL. I’d like to thank you for the warm welcome wagon in the comments section after Jane’s gracious announcement the other day. Now I happen to know that Jane is quite the music aficionado, so I am honored that she has asked me to put in my two cents on a subject that is so near and dear to both of us….music.

I really enjoyed all of the YouTube links in the comments section as well. A special thanks goes out to FDL commenter "Eli" whose Boney M in the comments from Late Night FDL Monday night’s announcement of this column has sent me into a Boney M/ YouTube orgasmatron for the last 48 hours. I fear a brick through my window from my neighbor if I play "Gotta Go Home" one more time.

I too got hooked on YouTube a few months ago through a friend who insisted on showing me the above clip by The Dormitory Boys (aka Two Chinese Boys). Digging in a little deeper, it seems these kids are quite prolific and from what I can gather have gotten rather famous in their native China. Anyway, I think they are hilarious and creative (they even include "out-takes" at the end of the song). The strange thing is I’ve really grown to like this Backstreet Boys song that they’re lip-syncing to. I don’t even know what the Backstreet Boys look like, but the Dormitory Boys will now forever be the visual cuz….. I Want It That Way.

So now the RIAA takes the T-bird away. 

"That has led to a recent spate of cease-and-desist notices from the music trade group directed at some users of YouTube. Despite the fact that the recordings are generally of poor quality-especially where the audio is concerned-the RIAA is moving to rid the Internet of the scourge of amateur Solid Gold dancers."

This just seems like a big waste of gas to me. If these kinds of video shenanigans can get ME to dig a Backstreet Boys song, I’d say that this is some pretty amazing promotion going on. I can’t confirm these "cease and desist" letters, but I can tell you that my little homage to one of my faves got rejected by YouTube yesterday (but did manage to get on to Google Video)  

Just a couple of remarks regarding The Spin I’m In playlist: Cheem is an unsigned wonder. I saw them in LA. There were eight people watching them at a loft party downtown. They are my favorite new band. Her voice is so cool and strange. Killer production too. Check out "Lover" on their site as well.

Mr. Loco’s song is in the movie Nacho Libre. Strangely, there is no soundtrack album for this movie. What the???? Really great music throughout the film.

I turned my 26 year old friend on to Etta after he played Frank’s version of "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)". He bought the entire "Essential Collection".  Let’s get turned on People!!  I’d love to hear The Spin You’re In in the comments section.

The Spin I’m In 

1. Cheem                        "Kitty" []
2. A Band Of Bees            "Chicken Payback" (video available at )
3. Eagles Of Death Metal   "Speaking In Tongues " [iTunes]
4. Mr. Loco                       "Hombre Religiouso" [MySpace]
5. Boney M                       "Gotta Go Home" [YouTube]
6. Jacques Dutronc             "Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi " [Yahoo Audio Search]
7. Etta James                    "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) " [iTunes]
8. Buck Owens                   "Above And Beyond" [Artist Direct]
9. Opal                             "She”s A Diamond" [Artist Direct]
10. The Isley Brothers        "Fight The Power " [iTunes]

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Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks is a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles, CA. Her first solo record, Transmiticate, has been released nationwide and a US tour is booked for Spring and Summer 2008. Donita is also the co-founder and front person of the rock band L7 who have released six studio albums.

Her original scores can be heard in the upcoming feature film The Life of Reilly starring Charles Nelson Reilly and in online projects for Activision and Microsoft. In 1991 Sparks and L7 formed Rock For Choice with the Feminist Majority Foundation staging numerous concerts benefiting pro-choice organizations.
Donita has been a contributing writer at Firedoglake since July 2006 with her music column The Spin I’m In.