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NEA endorses civil unions and SSM

Some good news that is driving the fundies over the edge. The National Education Association (NEA) adopted a resolution that recognizes SSM and civil unions despite a move by the Alabama Education Association to refer the measure to committee.

Its passage has the fundamentalists in despair and ready to leave the union.

California teacher Jeralee Smith, past chairman of the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus, says she is considering leaving the union. “People who share our values, which is traditional family and a few other things, can have no integrity unless they are either active on the inside to try and change things, or they leave the union and take their money out of the union’s hands,” says Smith.

Smith acknowledges that Christian members of the NEA are faced with a decision. “I just think it’s time for Christians to really pray about their relationship to the union and do some real soul-searching on their loyalty,” she says. And if they find their loyalty is still with the union, Smith suggests they ask themselves “just how much loyalty does the union deserve at this point?”

Smith says she is outraged the NEA is pushing for “gay,” lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues to be required content for teacher credentialing. The union’s Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification issued a report stating “that the NEA advocate for the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues in the ‘National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education’ teacher education program review process.”


In other NEA convention news, the bible-beater “ex-gay” there, who set up a table to share the benefits of praying away the gay is complaining about harrassment by “ex-gay” debunker Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out, who was there to counter the nonsense being shopped about by Pro-Family Network’s Greg Quinlan. Take a look at the AgapePress coverage of the incident.

Homosexual activist Wayne Besen was in Orlando on Friday (June 30) at the NEA convention, protesting a booth hosted by the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus. Besen, a former spokesman for the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign and author of the book Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth, tells the Orlando Sentinel that ex-“gay” groups pose a threat in schools because they “misinform people” about homosexuality.

Greg Quinlan is a former homosexual who was invited to the NEA convention by the Ex-Gay Educators’ Caucus. Quinlan reports Besen was taking pictures of the group’s booth at the convention and harassing a former lesbian who believes no one is born a homosexual. According to Quinlan, Besen refused to leave when asked to leave the area.

“He started waving his finger in my face. He called me a bunch of superlatives that I can’t repeat. He also called me a ‘Nelly fairy’ and a few other things,” Quinlan shares. He explains that security was called after Besen, again, refused to leave when asked. “He kept harassing us. We moved him away from our booth. We logged some witnesses to what all happened, and then the security for the Convention Center and the Orlando police escorted him away.”

You can read Wayne’s coverage here.

* The ‘ex-gay’ machine goes after Wayne Besen

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