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Ken Blackwell is a vile individual, part 2

Just when I think that fundie butt-kissing homo-bigot Ohio Secretary of State and Republican candidate for governor Ken Blackwell cannot be any lower than the belly of a slithering, poisonous viper, he tops himself.

Several voter registration groups have filed a lawsuit against Blackwell and other Ohio public officials, claiming that the their efforts have been critically hampered by rules put in place by a Republican-controlled legislative panel and implemented by Blackwell’s office. (Cleveland Plain Dealer):

The suit will request an injunction, claiming a reform law passed by the General Assembly last year, followed by rules Blackwell’s office drafted, have all but ended the groups’ voter-registration activities in Ohio.

“At this point, the effects are chilling,” said Donita Judge, a staff attorney at the Advancement Project, a Washington-based voter-education group, and co-counsel in the suit being filed in Cleveland. “It’s just killed voter registration,” she added, resulting in an all-but-certain “dilution of the minority vote.”

Gee, what a surprise.

Blackwell’s opponent, Congressman Ted Strickland is leading Blackwell in the polls (50-37), so Bush’s boy hasn’t completely snowed the voters; I guess Ken will try to win by Diebolding it. From Rasmussen:

Strickland has improved his support throughout the year; he’s been at 50% or above in every survey since March. Blackwell has attracted as many as 40% in individual polls, but the gauge has fluttered around 37%-38% in each of our three-poll rolling averages.

Strickland attracts 82% of Democrats, whereas Blackwell attracts only 66% support from GOP voters. Unaffiliated voters and moderates prefer Strickland by a margin of two-to-one or more.

Strickland is viewed favorably by 53%, unfavorably by 32%. Blackwell is viewed favorably by 44%, unfavorably by 45%; 25% have a “very unfavorable” view of him.


* Ken Blackwell is a vile individual

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