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AFA attempts to take credit for Ford's slipping sales

Gee, and I thought that it was the automaker’s lack of foresight and dependence on selling giant-ass SUVs and trucks to make a profit. We’re wrong, the bad sales are all due to Don Wildmon’s American Family Association boycott of Ford, due to its “pro-homosexual” policies — in his mind.

The boycott against Ford was called after company officials reneged on an agreement to stop advertising in homosexual publications, the AFA spokesman notes. He says the sales slump the company is now experiencing is a direct result of its decision to continue promoting a family-unfriendly, pro-homosexual agenda.

“It’s regrettable,” Wildmon says, “but it appears that chairman Ford is willing to take the corporation into bankruptcy to pacify a handful of homosexual leaders.” [And just this little aside…] Of course, the pro-family activist acknowledges that other factors are probably having an impact on Ford’s declining sales figures, including a difficult economic climate and high gas prices.

“Is the boycott responsible for all of this? No,” Wildmon admits. “The economy does play a role.”

It’s nice to see that the AFA is taking such glee in Ford’s misery. How “Christian” of them.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding