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Wacky-ass friends of Randy 'Duke' Cunningham

[UPDATE: Check out this fun story: Cunningham adjusting to life at North Carolina prison. I bet he is…]

Whew — the gift that keeps on giving. I just don’t want to hear about any more deviance on the left when we’ve got this going on in the world of the disgraced, corrupt, Republican former congressman Randy “Duke Cunningham and the “party of values”.

“What these revelations provide is a window into Babylon or the last stages of Rome,” explains a source with knowledge of the multiple ongoing investigations. “Many felonies went undetected because in the Defense Department a lot goes on in secret, and these crimes grew in the shadow of both 9/11 and one-party rule—with little scrutiny. So what you’re looking at is a world where money, secrecy, sex, and indulgence were all in play. Where everyone is guilty of something.”

…[Randy friend, lobbyist and military contractor Brent] Wilkes also introduced [fellow contractor Tom] Casey to [CIA sleaze] Dusty Foggo, who often passed through Washington. Around 1994, during a visit to a Washington strip club, Casey says, Foggo wore a gun in a shoulder holster and flashed his identification at the club doorman. He was promptly seated by the stage. “Foggo sits there the whole night telling me how he likes to fuck girls in the ass,” Casey recalls. “He sees a girl there, he jabs you and says, ‘She’s ready to go—let’s double-team her.’ The weirdest combination of sex and domination! And Wilkes, he’s just laughing the whole time.” (Through an attorney, Foggo says that this incident never happened. According to his lawyer, Wilkes denies visiting strip clubs in adulthood.)

As Wonkette notes, the Vanity Fair piece suggests that Duke had fun with paid escorts, “but those escorts are again maddeningly non-gender-specific.”

Cunningham plead guilty to receiving at $2.4 million in bribes in the form of checks totaling over $1 million, along with cash, rugs, antiques, furniture, yacht club fees and vacations.

* Cunningham’s co-conspirator and his ‘hospitality suite’

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