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'Pro-homosexual all the way'

That’s MassResistance/Article 8 Alliance unhinged honcho Brian Camenker‘s assessment of the state’s legislative leadership, and he’s not happy about it at all.

A pro-family group in Massachusetts is hoping to help derail the state legislature’s plan to quadruple funding for homosexual programs in schools. The Article 8 Alliance says the Massachusetts Legislature is about to increase funding for homosexual school programs from $425,000 to $2 million. A new Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth would oversee the spending of the money. Article 8 director Brian Camenker says no government in history has attempted to do what the legislature plans.

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This is the first year that they’ve had a Speaker of the House who is pro-homosexual all the way, and the President of the Senate is,” Camenker explains. “And they figure that they can go and get anything they want.” Elected officials who advocate homosexual rights are “very bold, very arrogant,” he notes. “And even in Massachusetts they’ve never done anything like this — two million dollars and probably more that we haven’t even been able to uncover,” Camenker adds.

The Article 8 leader, however, believes Republican Governor Mitt Romney will veto the funding increase. The challenge, he says, will be making sure that the veto sticks. “Unfortunately the … Republicans don’t have enough members in the legislature by themselves to uphold a veto. That’s how pathetic that is,” he says. “And so it’s going to be up to us, not the Republicans, to be able to make sure that the veto upholds. Last time, we didn’t work fast enough and hard enough and it just steamrolled through.” Last year the legislature raised funding for homosexual programs by 70 percent.

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