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Jane just phoned me — she’s having connectivity issues in the venue at the moment, so I’m posting instead until she gets it sorted out.  My money is on Kobe pulling a plug to coax her out of the building and closer to a Starbucks for pumpkin loaf…  (Sorry, you’ll have to make do with me until our intrepid on the spot reporter gets her internet on.)

MSNBC was surprisingly even-handed in its post-debate coverage.  John Amato has a clip at Crooks and Liars that is worth a view.

Harwood: He used the old Ronald Reagan line, "there you go again," to Ned Lamont and he used the strategy that George W Bush used against John Kerry in 2004…

Noron: Is that going to work for him, adopting these Republican strategies when in many ways the heart of this debate is that Lieberman is too much like Bush…

Well, far be it for me to say, but…um…NO.  I think that was a bad idea to adopt overt Republican tactics for a Democratic primary debate and it didn’t work for me at all.  But then, I’m a Democrat

Anyway, this next piece is just pathetic, and something I’d attribute to someone losing junior high eighth grade class treasurer than just participating in a debate for the Democratic nomination to the United States Senate, but then again I’m talking about Joe Lieberman:

Senator Lieberman stormed out of the debate early, barely answering questions from the local media. He was hearing a lot about his anger during the debate and called it a day. Ned stuck around for questions for about 20 minutes. The result… Sean Smith, Senator Lieberman’s campaign manager, fielding questions from a single repoter and Ned swamped by the press.

Can anyone tell me if they witnessed Lieberman thanking Ned Lamont for the debate?  I have heard from more than one source now that he did not, and I must say if that is true, it is appalling.  What a poor sport.

On top of being a rude man who constantly interrupted during the course of the debate, and apparently had people outside the venue with signs (also against the negotiated debate rules)…but then again, we are talking about Joe "I’m filing petitions as a just-in-case independent candidate, because the will of the voters means crap to me." Lieberman.

Oh, and for a laugh:


Here’s what the Lieberman campaign manager had for a press questioning posse — one, lone reporter and a coupla staffers — after Boltin’ Joe stormed out of the venue and refused to answer questions about why he seemed so angry.  (Hmmmm…wonder if reporters are going to keep asking those questions after he stormed outta there?)

When you add in this (for which Crooks and Liars is going to try and pull video for me, because this really caps it for me) from commenter Pete:

my wife gasped at the end of the debate. holy joe walked right past ned and also the moderator and only chummed with the men. she screamed “FUCK HIM”. i laughed

Gee, I don’t get the idea that the reporters asking Lieberman about his anger were that far off the mark. How about you guys?

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