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Post-Debate Discussion Thread

Watch Joe not answer the question about his cut-and-run candidacy (video by Spazeboy at his Debate Video Headquarters

Lieberman came off as a rude Republican asshole, with nothing in the tank but personal attacks.

Biggest lies:

1.  The Neverending War  — as Stoller (who is sitting right behind me, this is a little weird) writes on MyDD, Lieberman’s claims that he doesn’t support an open-ended military commitment in Iraq is total bunk.  Lieberman, from 4/20/03:

"We may, over the long term, with the consent of the new Iraqi government, establish some permanent bases in Iraq. And wouldn’t that be a dramatic change, where we have an allied government there in Iraq, at the center of the Middle East, where we may have not a permanent police presence, but one or another military base that’s working in cooperation with the government there?"

2. Lieberman claimed to be a great supporter of women’s rights.  I think we all know what crap that is.  Lieberman invoked his endorsement by Planned Parenthood, but the fact is that Susan Yelon, head of CT-Planned Parenthood, voted as a delegate for Lamont at the State Democratic Convention.  Obviously the DC addiction to cocktail weenies takes into account what is going on in the state not at all.

3.   Lieberman opposed privatizing Social Security?  Ho-ho-ho:

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., is undecided about the concept of using payroll taxes to fund private Social Security accounts, bringing to three the known number of Senate Democrats who have yet to publicly rule out the idea. President Bush has made the accounts the centerpiece of his domestic agenda. But other than Rep. Allen Boyd of Florida, no congressional Democrats have formally signed on. While Lieberman has concerns about the idea, he is continuing to study it while hoping for more details on Social Security from the president, a Lieberman aide said today. "He’s still in a listening and learning stage and is keeping an open mind, but he does have concerns about private accounts as carve-outs that would potentially undermine the guaranteed minimum benefit and worsen our fiscal health and debt load," a Lieberman aide said today.

Feel free to document your own atrocities in the comments. 

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