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I'm looking for Amanda Laycock? Amanda Laycock?

I’m just finishing up with an Excel class. I’m writing up the certificate for one of the students when I notice her name (I’m not making this up) is Amanda Laycock.

Now, certainly, that’s got to be a married name, right? Everyone knows the Bart Simpson joke, right? Bart calls bartender Moe and asks to speak with “Ms. Hugginkiss, first name, Amanda,” and then Moe makes an ass of himself calling for “Amanda Hugginkiss! I need Amanda Hugginkiss!” (“a man to hug and kiss” if you’re still not getting it.)

I also just remembered a business card I once got from the owner of a stereo shop in Boise. His name was Dick Large (seriously, the driver’s license was Richard B. Large), and he made sure that it was written as Large, Dick.

Now I’m wondering about the funny, actual names of people you’ve met. I know we’ve already got an open thread going, but heck, let’s play a little. Let’s play a little Joe McCarthy and name names, shall we? The comments are a-waiting…

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